• Marianne Demirdji

Can Adults Get Braces?

Let's say this for everyone in the back...


There is NOTHING stopping an adult from getting braces -- getting your teeth perfect -- and getting the smile you've always dreamed of.

There isn't a magical age where your teeth stop responding to braces. Teeth are, in fact, always moving! They aren't frozen or stuck to your bone, they are dynamically moving as you eat, chew, clench, and live. Let me show you below!

This is an image of a tooth hanging out in your gums. The yellow structure is the bone your teeth sit in, and the red is what we refer to as the "gums" or "gingiva." Those little lines that you see connecting the tooth to the bone is what is called the "periodontal ligament" -- PDL for short. Those fibers are what hold the tooth in a cradle within the bony housing. These fibers are what allow orthodontists to move teeth through bone (as well as a lot of other things I don't have to get into, you get the point). If you don't have PDL around your teeth...then, well, we can't move those teeth. Those teeth are stuck and frozen in bone.

The good news is, most people have nice, healthy, functioning PDLs around ALL of their teeth and that is why YES, YOU CAN GET BRACES. If braces sounds a bit too 13 years old to you though, you can certainly get Invisalign as well!

So whether you are 10, 15, 40, 60, or even 90 years old still can get the smile of your dreams. In fact, adults getting orthodontic treatment is one of fastest growing age groups getting treatment. Let's face it, the older we are, the more aware we are of ourselves; but more importantly, the better we are able to appreciate the outcome of our hard work. That's how I see improving your smile with orthodontic treatment - it's like any other journey to self-improvement. The joy is in the journey :)


- Dr. Marianne

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