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How to choose: Braces, Invisalign, or InBrace?

So you've finally decided this is the year you become THAT GIRL. or THAT GUY. And what does THAT GIRL or THAT GUY have? The perfect, straight smile.


So let's get started on that. Hi, Hugh.

You get a consultation, your orthodontist tells you things like "you have an overbite" or "you have severe crowding" or "orthodontic treatment will help fix your front teeth" - all sounds like good things you want to address because we want the best for ourselves.

Now you have to decide - what tool do I use to help get the smile I want?

Generally speaking, we have 3 types of treatments to choose from which come with subcategories.


The old school, the classic. Katy Perry wears them in her TGIF video, and for years "braceface" has been the less than intelligent insult come up by school bullies. But things have changed from those days!

Metal braces are now designed smaller, lower profile, and much more esthetically driven. Metal braces can come in silver or gold. Braces can also come clear - a porcelain material that is much more esthetic.

I see my teen patients usually get metal so they can choose colors; but lately I've been seeing patients with clear braces get colors too and I think it's extra pretty.


The advantages of braces is that - the orthodontist does all the work for you! The braces are physically glued to your teeth and you come to see the orthodontist anywhere from 4-8 weeks for adjustments. The braces can make your teeth sore for the first few days after placement and after some adjustments - all pain can be managed with OTC meds (or ice cream).


It's visible. However, masks have been very clutch for most people to realize, hey, no one is seeing my teeth anyways!


Metal braces tend to be the most affordable; clear braces are often a bit more expensive.

"That's a crooked smile braces couldn't even straighten." – J. Cole .... He's wrong though...braces can straighten any smile...unless the teeth are ankylosed.


What if you don't want metal braces? Or clear braces?

The next option for you is a clear aligner! Invisalign has pretty much dominated this market but there are more companies putting forth their clear aligner products like Ormco with Spark; or 3M with Clarity aligners.


You don't have braces! You don't feel like a teenager (although the more my back hurts, I wish I still was a teenager). It's a much more esthetic options. Puts gentler force on teeth.


You still have little "attachments" put on your teeth. They are tooth colored so not super visible, but know there will be some show. You HAVE to wear the trays 20-22 hours/day for it work. If you're someone who likes to snack, drink your ice coffee all morning long, this may not work for you. Aligner treatments come with refinements - I always tell my patients, our first round of trays gets us to 85%, then we spend the refinements getting you to 90%, then 95%, then 100%.


Aligner treatment tends to be more expensive than braces.


InBrace has hit the orthodontic market with a huge splash. InBrace uses Smartwire technology and its technology is quite invisible - its behind your teeth!


It's completely hidden behind your teeth! There's no aligner to remove, you can snack and drink your coffee all morning (be sure to rinse and brush though!). This is truly a lifestyle product - I can definitely see this as being excellent for working professionals.


As with any of these treatments, there is an adjustment to have the product on; but that improves with time. I do insist patients have impeccable hygiene with this treatment.


This treatment also tends to be more expensive than braces.


Work with your orthodontist! Every person has different needs and every treatment provides different things for you! Think about what fits in with your lifestyle and if you can see yourself with the product for the treatment time. Your orthodontist will also suggest what would be your best option or what they would not recommend for you to help make your decision easier!


Take the plunge. Do it! Enjoy the journey of self-improvement. I admire all of my patients who are in treatment because they made the decision to give themselves the smile they deserve.

Leave a comment, ask me questions, or message for a consultation :)

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